Welcome to the NSW Medical Radiation Scientists web site

Written by Matthew Ryan on . Posted in Frontpage

Welcome to this new (work-in-progress) website specifically developed for Medical Radiation Scientists within New South Wales.
This site serves as an important one-stop, up-to-date information reservoir supporting the interests of radiographers, sonographers, mammographers, radiation therapists and nuclear medicine scientists alike.
The NSW MRS website will:

  1. benefit statewide communications. Information will be distributed and exchanged in a much more effective and timely manner.
  2. permit ready access to a broad range of Links covering medical imaging technologies, training & education resources or courses, professional and industrial sites, and undergraduate and post-graduate programs.
  3. offer individually assigned domain based email accounts for secure, restricted forums and also a universal web based email for general user correspondence.
  4. have Latest News section covering important issues affecting the MRS profession.
  5. possess a Jobs Centre which permits access to public health jobs and provides an additional MRS Relief / Exchange resource area.